my personal biography

donny hall. i was born in october 1982 in newburyportt, massachusetts. my mom was a bar tender, my dad an iron worker. i share an unexplained love for film & music videos. the 1980s where great times to grow up with mtv.

i started making home movies at a very young age and always continued even through highschool. i won a lot of contests, scholarships with video stuff. in 2001 i was hand selected for an imation scholarship and it was presented by the ceo of imation, the ceo of pixar, a dreamworks representative and the president of the national arts council.

i dropped out of college within a few years. collaborating with others and the internet has taught me everything. instinct and artistry does the rest. i worked for a number of production companies and a few fortune 500 companies before going completely freelance…

coming up in the texas film game i had to be prepared to work hard. deep down i spent years studying under famous directors. it all seems like such a long time ago.

on set, i started out as a camera loader / ac on 35mm films in houston. i kept grinding and expanded into art direction and concept development. i helped some directors win some very hefty and high budget videos with outside the box treatments. i kept at it and eventually got a shot at editing on an actual video for BET/MTV.

since then i have completed hundreds of videos for scores of clients.

i work in the video budget range of 0.00 – 250,000.00, i remain very affordable and put my heart into what i do. if i won the lottery i would still work on videos.

i have several editing styles but came up in the game with my mentor – BET nominated director of the year, mr. boomtown aka nahala johnson. his crafting of the dirty south style and watching him assemble gave me the skills to emulate the hot south look and gave me the edge against other editors in the south.

my workload varies from 3-12 videos per month. it depends on the type of video and how intense the production is. on average post takes me 2-10 days depending on the scope.

thats a very basic recap of my career and how i got where i am….

add me as a friend on facebook and follow my misadventures and explorations across the country – and every so often, across the world.


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